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Verification of Military Status & Employment

There are times when you may need to verify your status as a military member. Whether you are renting an apartment, purchasing a car or other reason, your Leave and Earning Statement (available via myPay) provides details on your pay grade, pay and entitlements, and deductions.

You can learn more about your LES in the Pay & Entitlements section of our Military Pay page.

There may be times when the business you are dealing with desires more than your LES or ID card as proof of your current military status. In these cases, we recommend you contact your personnel or finance office for assistance.

Remember, you are the first line of defense in safeguarding your personal information. Your LES, ID card, tax statements or returns all have a substantial amount of information about you. You should know who you are giving information to, what they will use it for and how they will keep it secure.  PROTECT YOURSELF!

Updated April 30, 2012