Accepted Documents for Computing Military Earnings

Defense Finance
and Accounting Service
Providing payment services of the U.S. Department of Defense

The following is a list of documents accepted for computing earnings.

  1. DD Form 214 (most common)
  2. DA 3686 J, Army LES
  3. Copies of Active Duty Training Orders (must have your name and the “From and To” dates must be easily read)
  4. DD Form 13 Statement of Service
  5. AF Form 526, ANG/USAF Point Credit Summary
  6. Letter from the Military Academy
  7. ANG Form 22, Report of Separation and Record of Service (must list Active Duty time. Guard time not included otherwise)
  8. NGB Form 23, Retirements Credit Record
  9. DD 113, Military Pay Record
  10. FC Form T023 (TEST), Military Pay Voucher
  11. DA 2139, Military Pay Voucher
  12. DA 2349, Military Pay Voucher (MECH)
  13. DA 2139-1 Military Pay Voucher
  14. DA 3686 (TEST), JUMPS, Army LES
  15. Academic Record of Classes for the time or years in question
  16. Any official letter on letterhead stationery and signed by a representative from appropriate government agency/unit.
  17. DD Form 220 Active Duty Report
  18. DA Form 1059 ARNGUS – Active Duty Training
  19. NA Form 13038, Certification of Military Service for the National Archives and Records Administration
  20. AF Form 1613, Statement of Service
  21. NA Form 13041, National Archive and Records Administration, Statement of Service (please provide rank and years of service)
  22. NA Form 13072, National Archive and Records Administration, Summary of Military Service (please provide rank and years of service)
  23. NA Form13165, National Archive and Records Administration (please provide dates of rank and years of service).
  24. OPM SF 144A, Statement of Prior Federal Service – Worksheet
  25. GSA Form 6851, Statement of Service

Updated August 30, 2013.