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Several times a year, myPay undergoes system updates to improve current functionality, expand your ability to manage your military, federal civilian and military retired pay, and increase the security of your online account.

These changes and enhancements come from the military services, agencies and federal departments we provide payroll services to. Particularly in the case of security, DoD and other federal regulations mandate the level of access requirements we must comply with. Of course, we can’t forget the latest technology and industry advancements that can add to myPay’s financial management capabilities as well as overall reliability and security.
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New to myPay or need to reset your password? Here’s some information you should know about creating and updating passwords for your myPay account:

Here are the latest changes included in the myPay Fall 2014 release:

  1. Expansion of 1099R history to 5 years (Military retirees)
  2. Verification of Pay (Military retirees)
  3. Military Commercial Debt/Garnishment list/documents (Federal employees, all military, retirees)
  4. ePledge expansion to include all charities available in all CFC regions (Military members and Federal Civilian Employees)

In case you missed it, here are the functions included in the Spring 2014 release:

Page updated Sept. 12, 2014.