Filling out your DD 1351-2 travel voucher?

We are here to help. Visit your Defense Military Pay Office for assistance. You may see ads for help in completing your voucher but why spend money when your DMPO or DFAS Care Centers can do the same for free? Be cautious when using a service not affiliated with DFAS.

Use these checklists and for Army PCS moves refer to the Travel Voucher Guide to make sure you’ve included the required information on your DD 1351-2 form.




Use the May 2011 version of the travel voucher, DD1351-2 form! 

After April 30, we will only accept the current version of the travel voucher. 
Earlier versions signed and dated May 1 or later will be returned for action. We don't want you to have to redo your claim on the current version of the form dated May 2011. 


Check Your Voucher Status Online

There's an easy way to find out the status of your travel voucher! The tool provides travel payment status for Active duty Army PCS and active duty Army and National Guard. This is for non-DTS travel claims.

graphic linking to the check vouchers status tool

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on your desktop use this link.


Travel Regs Merge
October 1, 2014 the Joint Travel Regulations (JTFR) and the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) officially merged into a single set of regulations called the "Joint Travel Regulations."

The merger of the regulations into one volume makes them more easily accessible and understandable to travelers and provides aligned language that highlights where allowances are different for uniformed members and civilians.

Joint Travel Regulations:


Are you sending in your TDY travel claim? 
Make sure you print the separator sheet and place between each claim if you have more than one. Separate your DD1351-2 and suppoorting docuements for the 1st claim - insert separator sheet - add DD1351-2 and supporting documents for 2nd claim - insert separator sheet - add 3rd claim (repeat as needed)... scan, then submit online with Travel Voucher Direct.

Page updated April 15, 2015