Online Tools You Can Use

Here are some tools you can use before you pick up the phone. Save yourself time and stress by trying one of these options first!
When you have a question about retired or annuity pay, or just want to learn a little bit more about your pay, you can visit the Retired Military and Annuitant section on We’re always working to update it with new content and breaking news so that you can stay informed and educated.
Check out some of our most popular how-to web pages:
Forms Page: You can find printable copies of all of the forms you need, and electronic versions of some of those forms that you can submit securely online rather than by mail!
Change of Address:  Provides step-by-step instructions to notify us of a change in your mailing address. Keeping your mailing address current ensures you will continue to get important information we mail throughout the year, including your tax statements and notifications about changes to your pay.
Direct Deposit:  A how-to for updating your bank account information. Direct deposit is the most efficient, timely and secure way to receive your pay. Sign up for direct deposit to eliminate the possibility of a lost or stolen check, reduce the opportunity for identity theft, and get paid quicker.
Getting a 1099R: Instructions for requesting a copy of your 1099R.
Federal Income Tax Withholding (FITW) Adjustments:  If you ever need to change your FITW amount, you can visit this page to find out how.
Updating Your Arrears of Pay Beneficiary:  If you don’t have an Arrears of Pay (AOP) beneficiary on file, or you need to update that information, this page is for you. Your AOP Beneficiary is the person who will receive your final pro-rated paycheck in the event of your passing.
Social Media
Facebook:  If you have a Facebook account, “Like” the DFAS Facebook page and follow our posts. If you have a question about retired pay, leave a comment on one of our posts and we’ll respond directly to you!
YouTube: Visit our YouTube channel to view our “Ins and Outs of Retired Pay” series. It includes several videos with tips on how to keep your account current, and we’ll be adding more soon!
The most convenient way to manage your account is through myPay, our online account management system. myPay provides faster service, security, accessibility and reliability to DFAS customers worldwide.  For more about using myPay to manage your retired pay, visit the Using myPay page.

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Page updated March 23, 2015