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Online Tools Your Loved Ones Can Use

Teaching your beneficiaries how to apply for their benefits now, will save them time and stress later. Our website features several tools you should share with your loved ones. The more prepared they are, the quicker we will be able to pay any benefits due to them in the event of your death.
Your loved ones can find a lot of useful information on the Retired Military and Annuitant section of We’re always working to update it with new content and breaking news.
Here are some web pages we recommend:
Forms Page: A repository of printable copies of all of the forms we use to do business with you and your loved ones.  The Fast Forms at the top of the page are electronic forms that can be submitted securely online rather than by mail.
Reporting a Retiree’s Death: In the event of your passing, a beneficiary or family member should follow the instructions on this page to report your death.  Once notified, we will mail a care package and information on additional steps they may need to take if they are eligible for arrears of pay (AOP) or a Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuity.
Applying for Arrears of Pay:  Your AOP Beneficiary is the person who will receive your final pro-rated paycheck in the event of your passing. This page provides information that will help that person complete an application and avoid mistakes that can lead to delays in payment.  
Applying for an SBP Annuity:  A list of forms your SBP beneficiary will need to complete and return to us before we can began making monthly SBP annuity payments. There are also supplemental instructions they can use to ensure the forms are completed correctly, avoiding delays in creating the account.
SBP Annuity Accounts: Information about what your loved ones need to do to retain eligibility for monthly SBP payments, and how to make updates to their SBP account. 
Social Media
Facebook: If your family members have a Facebook account, they can “Like” the DFAS Facebook page and follow our posts. If they have questions about Retired and Annuitant Pay, they can leave a comment on one of our posts and we’ll respond.
myPay isn’t just for retirees! Annuitants have the ability to set up an account on myPay too. It’s the most convenient way to manage an account, and provides faster service, security, accessibility and reliability to DFAS customers worldwide.

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Updated March 25, 2013