QA about Sequestration

Defense Finance
and Accounting Service
Providing payment services of the U.S. Department of Defense

Questions and Answers about Sequestration

Will DFAS employees be furloughed?
Yes; the only exemptions from furlough in DFAS are those deployed in theater, our non-appropriated employees and our foreign national employees. DFAS employees might take up to one day of furlough each week.
Do you expect delays in payment or speed of answer in call centers?
We will make every effort to pay our people and our vendors on time. Given this reduction of productive hours under furlough, we are prioritizing workload to ensure payrolls continue uninterrupted, but there may be delays in our vendor and travel payments. There may also be an increase in customer wait times in our call centers.
Will military retirees or their family members be paid as usual if DFAS employees are furloughed?
Yes. All payroll activity will continue uninterrupted. There is the potential that pay to vendors and travelers could be delayed under a furlough in some cases, but DFAS leadership is working to make sure all vital activities continue in their normal time frames to the maximum extent possible.  You will be paid your regular pay; CRDP and CRSC will be on time, and your normal allotments will continue.

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