RnA Director's Msg March 2014

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Retired and Annuitant Pay Director???s Message

Welcome to the new year! And since it’s the new year,you know we’re in tax season. During this time, every person’s mind is on collecting the necessary documentation to determine his or her tax liability and filing the necessary returns.
For our retired and annuitant members, a key document for completing and filing a tax return is the 1099-R. Every year, copies of your 1099-Rs are available through your myPay account online. We also mail a copy of this document to all our pay active members who have not elected electronic only distribution.
However, some members do not receive their 1099-Rs. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are not myPay users and do not go online, or they may have changed their mailing address and have not informed us. Some members move to warmer climates for the winter, and do not provide us with a forwarding address. Or they may have simply lost the statement we mailed.
If you have not received your 1099-R, this newsletter is especially for you. It gives you complete instructions on how to access your 1099-R in your myPay account, and it also gives you four other easy options for getting a physical copy of your 1099-R mailed to your home. It even gives you guidelines for how long it will take to receive your 1099-R using each method.
At DFAS, delivering first-class service to our customers is our priority. We hope you will take advantage of one of the self-serve options available for obtaining your 1099-R. They are designed to make the process of requesting and obtaining your tax information fast and easy.
Updated March 7, 2014