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Hello Everyone –
Labor Day is over, we’re well into September, and at least up here near the Great Lakes, it is almost time to put the barbeque away. In Retired and Annuitant Pay, the beginning of autumn means just one thing, its time to get ready for tax season – our busiest time of the year.
There are a lot of internal procedures we go through to close out our books and bring all our customers’ pay accounts up to date so we can issue tax statements. But the most important part of preparation for tax season is communicating with our customers. We want to get you your tax information as quickly as possible, and that means we need you to make sure your account is current.
There are a number of things you should do in preparation for tax season: 
  1. Know when your 1099R becomes available online at myPay.
  2. Know when your 1099R will arrive in the mail.
  3. Make sure you have a myPay password.
  4. Check your account in myPay to make sure your email address and your correspondence address are correct and up to date.
  5. Know where to look for updates and the latest news.
  6. Know where to look if you have questions.
  7. Know how to contact us if you have any issues you need to discuss.
This issue covers all that information. It will also update you on some new procedures for our annuitants, give you some tips on how to educate your SBP beneficiaries and includes your pay dates for all of 2014.
Please make sure you save a copy of this newsletter and keep it handy. It will be an important resource for you during tax season 2013.
Wishing you all the best!
Tom McKenna
Director, Retired and Annuitant Pay
Updated September 18, 2013