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Managing Your Passwords on myPay

New and more stringent password requirements may seem bothersome to you, but in a world of identity theft and online criminal threats, it is the password that safeguards your money, your identity and your well-being.
With the Spring 2013 release, myPay will be updating its system password requirements to come in line with DoD security rules. This means all users who access myPay with their login ID and password must create a new password that is at least 15 characters long, and contains a mixture of UPPER CASE letters, lower case letters, numerals and special characters.
Consult our myPay minisite for up-to-date information on exact password requirements.

All myPay users have been placed in groups. When your group is due to upgrade passwords, you will be guided through the process before you can access your pay account. It will take four months before all users have created their initial upgraded passwords. Once your password is upgraded, it will be good for 60 days, at which time you will be required to change it.
When you update your password after 60 days you must change at least four characters from your previous password. Your updated password cannot be one of your last 10 passwords. 
About 10 days before your password expires, you will receive an email alert advising you to update your password. Please make sure your email address recorded on your myPay profile is current to ensure you receive these notices.
Make sure you’re ready to create your new password! Check out this video on creating strong passwords!
Updated June 24, 2013