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Managing Your AOP Beneficiary Using myPay

When a retiree dies, we send any unpaid retired pay to the beneficiaries on record. Retirees frequently forget who their beneficiaries of record are, and occasionally need to update or change a beneficiary. Doing this used to require sending forms via mail, then waiting for the account to be updated.

Now myPay offers retirees the option to designate Arrears of Pay beneficiaries online. Beneficiary designations can be updated without the hassle of forms, envelopes, or waiting. And members can change beneficiaries whenever they like.

Members can still submit a DD Form 2894, but will have to allow for mailing and processing time to elapse before their changes can take effect. The DD Form 2894 must be used to designate more than five beneficiaries. 

Here are the directions for a retiree to update an arrears of pay beneficiary on myPay.
After logging into myPay:

  • Select ”Beneficiary for Arrears”
  • The current beneficiary designation will display
  • Click on “Designate Beneficiaries”
Warning: Any transaction created will overwrite your existing elections

  • Enter beneficiary information
  • Click “Continue” after address fields are populated
  • Click on “Designate More Beneficiaries” to add up to five beneficiaries
  • Keep in mind, however, that designating multiple beneficiaries may delay payment of the benefit if all beneficiary information is not current at the time of your death
  • When you have completed the designation of your beneficiaries click on “Confirm Beneficiaries”
  • Review your changes, if correct select “Yes” Warning: Any transaction created will overwrite you existing elections
  • Save or Print your new beneficiary designations
Update an arrears of pay beneficiary the screenshot instructions.

To learn more, check out the myPay Spring Release mini site.
Updated June 24, 2013