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Managing Your Allotments Using myPay, Stop or Change Non-EFT Allotments

Retirees have always been able to manage allotments that can be paid through electronic fund transfer (EFT) on myPay. The myPay Spring 2013Release allows retirees to view most of their allotments, including those for mortgage payments, insurance, and charitable contributions that are not paid through EFT.

 There are still a few types of insurance allotments you cannot see, stop, start or change on myPay. For information on these allotments, please refer to our webpabe at
For all other allotments, when you view your allotments on myPay, only the allotments you can make changes to will feature Stop or Change buttons. Finished paying your mortgage? Stop it. Did your insurance premiums change? Update the allotment with the new amount.

Access your myPay account and select “Allotments.” The myPay allotment screen will guide you through the process.

For Home Loan and Navy Mutual Aid Service allotments, you can STOP OR CHANGE money amounts. You can STOP OR CHANGE money amounts for certain Charity and Insurance Allotments. For those, a Stop button and a Change button will be displayed. To start Home Loan, Navy Mutual Aid Service, Charity or Insurance Allotments, please see the charity or institution where you desire to start an allotment.

For EFT Allotments, you may START, CHANGE an allotment amount or STOP an existing allotment.
Check out the myPay Spring Release mini site to learn more

Updated June 24, 2013