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Continued Communication With Army Retirees

As you likely have heard, the Army is making significant changes to Army Knowledge Online (AKO). While this effort is extremely important to improving the security of the Army's network and information, we understand that this decision impacts retired Soldiers, surviving spouses and family members. Members of your community have expressed concern about what is happening, and I, and all senior Army leaders, have heard you.
The Army greatly values our retired Soldiers and the people who supported them throughout their service to our country. We absolutely will not lose touch with our extended family; we are firmly committed to making sure that all Soldiers, past and present, and their loved ones stay informed and engaged. In the long run, we hope to create a closer and even more vibrant community.
We are developing solutions for our continued communications with retired Soldiers and their loved ones. We will keep you updated on our progress.
Please direct any questions to your Army Retirement Services Officer listed in Army Echoes at
Once a Soldier, always a Soldier . . . a Soldier for Life! The Army will always honor the contributions and sacrifices of every man and woman who wore the uniform, and the families who served alongside them. Thank you for all you have done for our nation and our Army."
Updated March 7, 2014