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Article: Tax Information and myPay

Before, retirees could get their 1099R from myPay for only the latest tax year. They could also contact DFAS or work through their RSO for a previous year’s 1099R.
Now retirees have the ability to get tax information from previous years on their own.
Here are the directions for a retiree to access their 1099Rs.
After logging into myPay
  • Go to the Taxes section
  • Click on Tax Statement 1099R
  • The current year’s 1099R will be displayed
  • To view a prior year, click the down arrow next to “View other 1099R”
  • Highlight the desired year and click “Go”.
The screen shot instructions of how to get tax information from previous years.  
To learn more, check out the myPay Spring Release mini site.
Updated June 24, 2013