Army AKO Email Change

Access to AKO email ended for retirees and family members on Jan. 31, 2014. Their access to all other AKO services will end June 30, 2014, with exception of email auto-forwarding which will end Dec. 31, 2014. Users who did not set a forwarding email address in AKO can still do so until Dec. 31, 2014.
In January 2014, over 357,000 retired Soldiers and annuitants still had an AKO email address in their myPay accounts. Retirees should immediately change these to commercial email addresses. This is where they'll receive all future notices from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, and where they will receive Army Echoes.
To change an email address in myPay, simply log in at Then click on "Email Address" and look at "personal email address." AKO email addresses end in "" Change the personal email address to a commercial email address, and click on "Primary." Finally, click "Accept/Submit."
If you see an account that ends in, DO NOT USE IT. This is an error in the system the Army G-6 is trying to fix. You can call DMDC Help Desk at (800) 538-9552 to have the address removed from your record.
More information about the AKO transition can be found at the migration page for retirees and family members at or"
Updated March 7, 2014