Your myPay Retirement Account

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Your myPay Retirement Account

The most convenient way to manage your Retirement Pay account is through myPay, our online account management system. myPay provides faster service, security, accessibility and reliability to all DFAS customers worldwide.

When you transfer from Active Duty to Retired Pay status, all the  preferences from your Active Duty myPay account will be transferred to your new Retired Pay myPay account – unless you specify otherwise in Sections II, V, VI, VII or VIII of your Form DD 2656.

If you're an active myPay user, you can continue to use the same online password and telephone PIN numbers to access your myPay account after retirement.

To establish a new myPay account, you must request a new password by calling the myPay automated phone system at 877-363-3677 or visiting

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Using myPay

Page updated April 6, 2015.