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    Managing Your AOP Beneficiary Designation

    It is vital to notify DFAS of any changes in your AOP beneficiary's contact information. Otherwise all correspondence will be sent to the wrong address, further delaying closure of your account.

    Please make sure that you keep the following information updated for your beneficiary at all times:
    • Name
    • Relationship
    • Address/contact information
    You can change your beneficiary or update beneficiary contact information at any time through myPay accounts.

    If you choose to use myPay to manage your beneficiary designations, your choices are updated without the hassle of forms, envelopes or waiting.
    To update your arrears of pay beneficiary using myPay:
    • Log into myPay
    • Select ”Beneficiary for Arrears”
    • Your current beneficiary designation will display
    • Click on “Designate Beneficiaries”
    • Enter beneficiary information
    • Click “Continue” to add additional beneficiaries
    • When you have completed the designation of your beneficiaries, click on “Confirm Beneficiaries”
    • Review your changes, and if correct select “Yes” 
    • This transaction will overwrite and replace any previous elections
    • Save or Print your new beneficiary designations

    You can also your update your  arrears of pay beneficiary by completing a Designation of Beneficiary Information form (DD 2894) and mailing or faxing it to DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay. If you chose to use this method, please allow 30 – 60 days after we receive your designation for us to process, validate and update your previous designation. 

    Important Notice: Please be aware that designating a sole beneficiary in your will does not automatically make that person your AOP beneficiary. AOP determination is based exclusively on the AOP beneficiary election in your retired pay account.

    Page Updated May 10, 2013.