Current or Former Civilian Employees

A waiver is an act of the government to intentionally relinquish its claim against an individual for a debt resulting from erroneous payments of wages or allowances.  Financial hardship is not a consideration for waiver.  Civilian claimants must submit a waiver application to DFAS within 3 years of the date the debt was discovered by a pay official.

Civilian employees are not eligible for Remission because their debt was not incurred while on active duty military orders.

How to submit

You may request a waiver by completing the DD Form 2789 (PDF) or DD2797 (smart form) Remission/ Waiver of Indebtedness Application.  To be eligible for waiver you must submit your waiver request within 3 years from the date the debt was discovered by an appropriate official.  

To apply for a waiver you must:

  • Have a debt established on your pay account.
  • Submit your application to your civilian payroll office within 3 years of the date the debt was discovered by a pay official.
  • Agree to the validity of the debt.  If you dispute the debt, you can ask your servicing finance or payroll office to conduct an audit before you proceed with the application process.  Former employees must contact the Civilian Payroll Office at 800-729-3277 to request an audit.  You can pursue a waiver once your audit is complete. Please ensure that you attach the results of your audit, and a statement acknowledging the validity of the debt, with the waiver application

Active and former civilian employees must complete the first page of the DD Form 2789 (fillable PDF) or DD 2789 (smart form).  Once complete, submit the application to the address listed on the debt notification letter.

If you did not receive a debt notification letter, you may call the Civilian Payroll Office for a copy at 800-729-3277.

Documents you should include with your application

You must provide a copy of all Standard Form-50’s (SF-50) during the time period of the debt for all debts. Your current or former pay office should have copies of SF-50s located in your Official Personnel File (OPF).  To expedite the handling of your waiver file, please provide Leave and Earnings Statements (LESs), including three pay periods before and after the period of indebtedness.

If you reference a document, e-mail, letter, form, etc. in your waiver application, you must provide the document.  Please provide all documents that describe how and why the debt occurred to support your waiver application.

Documentation we request includes:

Time cards Offer letters SF-1190's
LES's Email traffic DD Form 1352-2's
SF-50's Memoranda DD Form 1610
Employment Contracts SF-2817 (FEGLI Election) Orders/Amendments
SF-2890 (FEHB Election) SF-2810 (FEHB Change)  

Failure to provide these documents may delay consideration of your waiver request.

Where to send your waiver application

If you are currently a civilian employee, you must complete and submit the first page of the DD Form 2789 (fillable PDF) or DD2789 (smart form), including all supporting documentation the office that sent you the debt notification letter.  Your form must be hand signed and dated.  That office will submit the application to DFAS for consideration.

However, if you are separated or retired from civilian service you must complete the first page of the DD Form 2789 (fillable PDF) or DD 2789 (smart form) and submit through mail or e-mail directly to the address you received on your debt notification letter or via AskDFAS.  Your form must be hand signed and dated.  Please ensure the entire first page is complete before submission.

Need more help?

DD Form 2789 Instructions (PDF-41KB)

Page updated April 25, 2022