Current or Former Military Members

A waiver is an act of the government to intentionally relinquish its claim against an individual for a debt resulting from erroneous payments of wages or allowances.  Financial hardship is not a consideration for waiver.  Military claimants must submit a waiver application to DFAS within 5 years of the date the debt was discovered by a pay official.

A remission  is for military members or former military members who have a debt that was incurred on active duty after October 7, 2001.  Financial hardship, as well as other emotional aspects, may be considered for remission.  DFAS does NOT have authority to process remissions for any of the military services.

Active Duty and Reserves

Your first contact should be with your local finance office or unit administrator.  That office should be able to explain the debt against your account, and ensure you understand the amount of the debt and why it was established against your pay account.  Once they have explained the debt and the debt amount to your satisfaction, you can proceed to the next step.

Former Military Members

If you received notification of the debt in the mail, contact the agency customer service number listed on the letter.  That agency should be able to explain why the debt was established and help you understand the amount that you owe. Once they have explained the debt and the debt amount to your satisfaction, you can proceed to the next step.

In accordance with the Marine Corps Automated Pay Systems Manual (APSM) (Chapter 10), a former member or a member not on active duty may apply to HQMC/RF, Washington D.C., 20380-1775 through the member’s Commanding Officer at the time of their separation. Subsequently, the Commanding Officer/Unit will review and forward the application to the Disbursing Officer/Payroll Office, who will then validate the indebtedness and provide an explanation of the indebtedness. The Disbursing Officer/Payroll Office will also ensure that the amount requested for remission/waiver matches the amount of the indebtedness posted to the member’s pay account. Upon completion of their review, this application will be uploaded to Marine Online, via the Document Tracking Management System (DTMS). Once the application has been submitted via DTMS, remission applications will remain with HQMC/RF, and waiver applications will be forwarded, via DTMS, to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service to process.

How to Submit a Waiver or Remission

You may request a waiver by completing the DD Form 2789 (fillable PDF) and DD 2789 (smart form) Remission/Waiver of Indebtedness Application.  To be eligible for waiver you must submit your waiver request within 5 years of the date of discovery of the debt.  The 5 year statute of limitations period begins from this date of discovery.  This means that once your debt is discovered and placed against your account, the time limit for waiver submission is established.

Remission applications should be forwarded to the appropriate military office for adjudication.

To apply for a waiver you must:

  • Have a debt established on your pay account.
  • Submit your application to your finance or disbursing office within 5 years of the date the debt was discovered by a pay official.
  • Agree to the validity of the debt.

If a debt is disputed, you can ask your servicing finance or payroll office to conduct an audit before you proceed with the application process.  Former members must contact the Out of Service Debts Department at 866-912-6488 to request an audit.  You can pursue a waiver once your audit is completed. Please ensure that you attach the results of your audit, and a statement acknowledging the validity of the debt, with the waiver application.

Documents to include with the application

Submit all documentation supporting your request including the reasoning for waiver.  This could include many different items that vary based on the type of debt you have incurred.  These documents could be the forms you submitted which authorized the payments that caused the debts, Leave and Earning Statements (LESs) for the entire debt period, etc.  Documentation we request includes:

Housing Contracts Rent/Lease agreements Dependency infor (page 2's)
Lodging receipts Travel documents Written statements
Travel orders Marriage license Detailed timelines
Divorce decree Proof of child support payments Enlistment contract
Reenlistment contract Bonus addendum ROTC scholarship
Health program contract Email traffic LESs

Failure to provide these documents may delay consideration of your waiver request.

Where to send your waiver application (or Navy remission applications)

If you are currently a member of the military, or you were a member of the USMC, you must complete and submit the first page of the DD Form 2789 (fillable PDF) or DD 2789 (smart form), including all supporting documentation to your finance or disbursing office.  Your form must be hand signed and dated.  Finance or disbursing must complete the remaining sections of the DD Form 2789 and submit the application to DFAS for consideration.  Finance or Disbursing officer’s endorsement is required.

If you are separated from the military, you must complete the first page of the DD Form 2789 (fillable PDF) or DD 2789 (smart form) and submit to our office via AskDFAS.  Your form must be hand signed and dated.  Please ensure the entire first page is complete before submission.  (Former USMC members must submit their waiver application to their last local disbursing office prior to separation – per APSM guidance.)

Need more help?

DD Form 2789 Instructions (PDF-41KB)

Page updated April 25, 2022