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Payments from Military Members and Retirees

For payments issued from the accounts of military members (active, retired or reserve), please allow 10 business days from the date your check was issued before inquiring about the status of your payment.
Payments from the military pay systems are made the first business day following the monthly payroll processing from which the payments were deducted. Thus, if our letter informs you that your payments will start with the month of January, it means that the payment will be deducted from the member's January pay and you should receive your payment on or about February 1.
Payments from Civilian Employees 
For checks issued from the accounts of civilian employees of the Department of Defense, please allow 7 days from the date of the normal distribution of checks (bi-weekly cycle). By waiting the suggested timeframe, adequate time will have passed to allow for delivery of your check or postal/EFT returns.
Payment Histories
Please contact one of the pay offices listed below for payment history information. The Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Garnishment Law Directorate does not have access to pay records.
Retired and Annuitant Pay
Military Pay
Civilian Pay 800-729-3277
Direct Deposit
If you are receiving your garnishment support payment directly from a retired or active duty military member or a civilian, you may now have your payment sent by electronic fund transfer (EFT) to your financial institution.
To do so, please complete a Direct Deposit Form and send it to DFAS at the address below. Or send a written request, including your name, the member's name and social security number, and your signature. Also, include a copy of a voided check with the banking information clearly showing.

Assistant General Counsel for Garnishment Law Directorate
P.O. Box 998002
Cleveland, OH 44199-8002

Page updated September 17, 2017.