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DFAS Garnishment Law Directorate has undergone a complete conversion from paper to electronic documents. As we receive documents, we scan and convert them to electronic images.

Documents faxed to DFAS Garnishment Law Directorate now go through a fax gateway. When we receive faxes, they are automatically converted to electronic images. The paralegal does not receive a hardcopy of your fax.

The document is indexed in the imaging system using the military member or employee’s Social Security Number (SSN). After indexing the document, the electronic image is distributed online to the appropriate paralegal.

To prevent delays, please use this list of helpful hints when faxing documents to DFAS Garnishment Law Directorate:

1.     Clearly write the member/employee’s SSN in the body of the fax. DFAS-HGA/CL cannot process documents without an SSN.

2.     Ensure the document is legible. If you fax a bad copy, we receive a bad copy and are unable to process the document.

3.     Send only one document per individual at a time (only one SSN). If you have multiple documents that are all the same but for many different SSNs, they need to be faxed separately or mailed rather than faxed.

4.     Position the document in the fax machine properly and make sure all pages are transmitted.

5.     Include a POC and phone number with your fax in case we need to contact you.

6.       Do not fax documents that contain highlighted areas. Words that have been highlighted with a highlight marker are not legible on the electronic image.

7.       Ensure computer printing does not overwrite any text on a preprinted form. Overwriting results in an illegible electronic image.

Fax number:         877-622-5930 (toll free)  

Following this checklist will prevent delays in processing your faxed documents. Failure to follow these helpful hints will result in your fax being rejected from the system and a delay in processing time.

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