How To Submit A FOIA Request

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How to Submit a FOIA Request

You can submit your FOIA request in the following formats: electronic, written or via fax.
Before submitting a FOIA request, please check to see if the information you are looking for is available in our Electronic Reading Room, or perhaps listed under another category on our Web site.

Step 1: Preparing your request

Follow these easy steps to correctly prepare your request:
  • Describe, in detail, the record or records you are seeking. Providing detailed information helps to improve your response. At minimum provide:
    • Descriptive information about the document
    • Time frame to be searched
    • Type of document or report
  • State your willingness to pay all FOIA search and copy fees or state the most you are willing to pay in fees. If you would like a waiver, provide justification to support the waiver. If you don’t specify the most you are willing to pay we’ll assume you’ll pay up to $250. If the fees are estimated to be more than $250, we’ll contact you with an estimated cost prior to searching documents. Read about how FOIA fees are estimated.
  • If you submit a written request, label the envelope “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST.”
  • Include your complete postal service mailing address on your request so we can respond to you. If you can, please include a phone number as well.

Submitting your request

DFAS records are decentralized so if you know which location maintains the records, send your request to the location directly. If you don’t know where the record is maintained, send your request to the FOIA/PA Program Manager’s Office. Where to send a FOIA/PA request:  

Indianapolis FOIA/PA Program Manager
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-0150
Office: 317-212-4591
Fax: 317-212-8802
Active Duty Army, Air Force, Reserve, Guard, Civilian payroll records, and other Agency reports, vouchers, contracts, etc

FOIA/PA Adherence Division
1240 East Ninth Street, Room 1417
Cleveland, OH 44199
Office: 216-522-5225
Fax: 216-522-5471
Active Duty Navy, Marine Corps, Reserve, Guard, Retired/Annuitant Pay, Garnishment, Civilian payroll and other Agency reports, vouchers, etc

Step 3: Processing your request

You should receive a response to your request within 20 workdays. If the request is sent to the improper DFAS FOIA office that office can take no more than ten days to transfer the request to the appropriate FOIA officer. If your request requires legal review or clarification, response time could be longer than 20 days.

How to file a FOIA appeal if your request was denied.

Page updated April 2, 2013.