Soldiers Deployed in the USEUCOM Theater Under Mission European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) and/or European Assure, Deter, and Reinforce (EADR) TCS orders

  Key Points Before You Get Started

Review the 230th FMSU – EUCOM Redeployment Travel Voucher Guide for information regarding your entitlements and the procedures and requirements for submitting your Travel Voucher
  • Sign block 20a of your the DD Form 1351-2. Failure to do so may result in rejected voucher.
  • Enter a date in block 20b of your the DD Form 1351-2. (Date must include day, month, and year to be considered valid). Failure to do so may result in rejected voucher.
  • Verify travel dates are correct in block 15. Your travel date must be within seven days of the proceed date identified on your orders. Anything beyond seven days will require an amendment.
  • All TDY locations need to appear on the orders accompanying the TDY voucher, if they do not, the location will not be counted towards your final pay. You will need to request an amendment from the command that issued the orders to include the locations you traveled while TDY.
  • When possible, all fields must be filled out completely (unless otherwise noted) and must be legible.
  • Most soldiers will receive $3.50/day OCONUS incidental rate. If additional entitlements are authorized, visit Army Active Duty TCS guidance

IMPORTANT: Your voucher cannot be processed without proper signatures, dates listed, and supporting documents included. Be sure that your files have successfully uploaded before you click 'submit'.

  Completing Your Travel Voucher

You have two options to help you fill out your EDI/EADR Travel Voucher:          To access a DD 1351-2 (Travel Voucher) click here

See below example of Completed Deployment Voucher. For more in-depth voucher completion and submission guidance please review instructions:

         Instructions for completing your DD 1351-2 (Travel Voucher), click here

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Voucher submission instructions

Please review the European Assure, Deter, and Reinforce (EADR) top voucher return reasons below, and once confident your voucher is completed correctly, obtain your travel orders and follow the below instruction to submit.
  • Review EADR Top Return Reasons:    

          To access EADR Top Return Reasons, click here
  • Prepare - Complete the 1351-2. Gather supporting documents, sign, and date all applicable documents.
  • Submit - Ensure all proper signatures and dates are listed on the DD Form 1351-2. Failure to do so may result in delayed processing. You have two ways to submit your completed documents to DFAS.
     1.  The quickest and most convenient way to submit your Travel Voucher is using our Travel Voucher Direct submission tool:

         How to Submit your information via Travel Voucher Direct:
        1.  Access AskDFAS here
        2.  Under Categories, select ‘Travel Voucher Direct’
        3.  Under Subcategories, select ‘Active Duty TDY/TCS’
        4.  Enter your information
        5.  Upload completed DD1351-2 and Supporting Documents
        6.  Click Submit

           Instructions for submitting via Travel Voucher Direct, click here

2. You may also combine all of your documentation into a single PDF and email your submission to,

 For additional assistance or to check on voucher status please contact the DFAS Customer Care Center at 1-888-332-7411 (M-F 7:30-4:30 PM EST)
Page Updated November 21, 2023