How To Submit A Privacy Act Request

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How to Submit a Privacy Act Request

A Privacy Act (PA) request can only be submitted in writing or via fax.  The request must include your original signature and a valid form of identification such as a copy of a photo ID, driver’s license, notarized statement  confirming your identity, or power of attorney.

Step 1: Preparing your request

  • Only the individual to whom the record pertains, or their legal guardian, can request the records. The information requested must be also be maintained within a PA system of record in the custody of DFAS at the time of the request.
  • Describe the specific record you are seeking with detail. Detail can include descriptive information about the document, form number and time frame to be searched.
  • Include on any request your complete postal service mailing address and Social Security Number (SSN). We might not be able to process your request without a SSN.

Step 2: Where to send a PA request

DFAS records are decentralized so if you know which location maintains the records, send your request to the location directly. If you don’t know where the record is maintained, send your request to the FOIA/PA Program Manager’s Office. Where to send a FOIA/PA request:

Active Duty Army, Air Force, Reserve, Guard, Civilian payroll records, and other Agency reports, vouchers, contracts, etc.:
FOIA/PA Program Manager
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-0150
Office: 317-212-4591
Fax: 317-212-8802

Active Duty Navy, Marine Corps, Reserve, Guard, Retired/Annuitant Pay, Garnishment, Civilian payroll and other Agency reports, vouchers, etc.:
1240 East Ninth Street, Room 1661
Cleveland, OH 44199-8006
Office: 216-522-5225
Fax: 216-522-5471

All of the DFAS PA systems of records notices are published in the Federal Register. The DFAS PA notices contain a complete description of all personal data maintained in the PA system of records. 

How to File a PA appeal if your request was denied.

Page updated October 4, 2016