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Privacy Act (PA)

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Information For Record Retrieval Companies

To process your Third-party request we require: a) Authorization from the Individual to whom the records pertain; b) Documented proof of death or incapacitation [if applicable]; and c) Information needed to conduct a search.

Release Authorization

  • Written/typed statement from the Individual to whom the records pertain that specifically authorizes the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to release his/her personal records
  • Name and contact information of Individual to whom records are to be released 
  • Individual’s full social security number
  • List record(s) to be released
  • Individual’s printed name and signature
  • Date
  • His/her contact information – phone number, mailing address, email
  • Copy (front & back) of Individual’s valid, government-issued (state or federal) photo ID or a Notarized Statement verifying his/her identity

Deceased or Incapacitated Service Member/Federal Employee

  • If Individual to whom the records pertain is deceased, we require 1 of the below documents as Proof of Death:
  1. Certificate of Death Court Appointment
  2. Coroner’s Report of Death Power of Attorney
  3. Funeral Director’s Signed Statement of Death
  4. Verdict of Coroner’s Jury   
  • If Individual to whom the records pertain is incapacitated, we require 1 of the below documents as Proof of Legal Guardianship:  
  1. Court Appointment Documentation
  2. Power of Attorney

Information Required to Conduct a Search

  • Detailed description of requested records  
  1. Be specific – Name of document(s) or form(s)
  2. We cannot search for ‘any and/or all’ records 
  • Individual’s full social security number
  • Search Period 
  1. Start date (month/year) and End date (month/year)
  2. Do not use parameters such as ‘date of birth’, ‘date of enlistment/separation’, etc. 
  •  Individual’s status for the requested period – Service Member or Federal Civilian Employee 
  • For Military Member, provide: 
  1. Branch of Service – Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy
  2. Component – Active Duty or Reserve/National Guard (NG) 
  3. If multiple branches, list each branch and dates served 
  • Army Reserve/NG records dated prior to 1976, also require
  1. Name(s) of Major Command member was assigned for the requested period(s)
  2. Name(s) of Unit of Assignment for each command
  3. City/State for each unit of assignment
  4. Dates she/he served in each command 
  • For Federal Civilian Employee, list:
  1. Agency or agencies for which the Individual worked
  2. Dates Individual worked in each agency 

Submit Your Request

Email and fax are the preferred submission methods.
Fax: (317) 275-0391
However, you may forward your request via postal mail or the online portal.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Corporate Communications – FOIA/PA
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-0150

A copy of the individual's valid, government-issued photo ID or a notarized statement verifying his/her identity must accompany online submissions.

Fax: (317) 275-0391
Page Updated August 17, 2023