Who can change their address in myPay?

MyPay is an online pay account management system available 24/7 to military members, retirees, annuitants and numerous federal civilian employees.

As a one-stop financial tool, myPay users have access to update different parts of their account such as direct deposit information; tax withholdings and deductions; and e-mail changes.

Users are also encouraged to keep their mailing address up to date to ensure they don’t miss important pay and tax-related documents from DFAS. View a short video showing how quick and easy it is to update a correspondence address in myPay for those in the list below:

  • Active duty Marines
  • Active duty Airmen
  • All reservists
  • Military retirees
  • Military annuitants
  • ROTC
  • Defense Joint Military Pay System-Reserve Component Health Professions Incentive Program
  • Former Spouses (Former Spouse Protection Act Claimant)
  • Army Health Professions Incentive Program/ROTC transactions

Employees and separated civilians from:

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Health and Human Services
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • Executive Office of the President
  • Military Sealift Command

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Page updated July 23, 2015