The DFAS Seal

The DFAS organizational seal was designed by James C. Manubay of DFAS Indianapolis Center. The design was selected from among 85 designs entered in a DFAS-wide competition to create the organizational seal. It became the official symbol of the agency on May 30, 1991.

The various components of the DFAS seal reflect the agency’s mission, functions and organizational relationships. The eagle clutching three arrows, crowned by 13 stars is the Department of Defense eagle depicted on the DoD seal. The 13 stars represent the original 13 states. The arrows represent the Departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force, which stand ready to defend the freedoms won by those 13 states.

The "key to the treasury" clutched in the eagle’s left claw is the traditional symbol of money and public trust. The ledger book, quill pen and inkwell represent the agency’s financial management and accounting functions. The branches of laurel (left) and olive (right) supporting the ledger are taken from the DoD seal and serve as a reminder that the ultimate purpose of the armed forces is to support the peace.

The display of the DFAS seal is restricted to official DoD use only.

The DFAS Logo

DFAS established its logo in October 2002. As DFAS and the finance and accounting industries evolve and modernize, a mark representing the corporate values and ideals helps present DFAS as a world-class finance and accounting organization.

The typeface used for the logotype is modern and conveys strength and forward motion.

The negative space in the "D" shaped as a star recalls DFAS' military and defense heritage with a modern twist by rotating the two-dimensional shape on a third axis to add more motion.

The "checkmark" spotlights a number of finance and accounting themes. First, it represents approval and achievement of high standards. Second, it connotes the completion of a significant task. Third, it symbolizes the core functions of DFAS from the checks and balances performed in DFAS accounting function to the millions of checks issued in payment to the men and women who defend the United States and the contractors and vendors who provide material and support for their missions.

The colors are often associated with excellence, authority, credibility and technology.

The typeface used in the tag line, "Proudly Serving America's Heroes," is Adobe Myriad Roman. This typeface is modern, yet conservative. The logo may be presented without the tagline for special cases such as a size reduction, which would make the tag line text illegible, but the preferred presentation of the logo is with the tag line.
If your organization wishes to use the DFAS logo as part of your news reporting efforts, please contact DFAS Media Relations and describe how you intend to use and display the graphics in your products. If approved, a high-resolution image will be e-mailed to you. 
Page updated Oct. 3, 2012