Katie Gambill, Director, DFAS Enterprise Management Services

 Mrs. Gambill is Director of Enterprise Management Services. She is responsible for a broad range of work streams including a robust acquisition/contracting capability, critical security-related functions, and a number of specialized solution sets. As the DFAS Component Acquisition Executive, she oversees $300M in annual contract obligations including a $1.2B portfolio of DoD audit and audit-related contracts in support of the Military Services and Defense Agencies.

As the DFAS Continuity Coordinator and Insider Threat Official, she oversees 12 Agency programs dedicated to personnel, facility, and information security, as well as business continuity and emergency management. It is in this capacity that she serves as leader of the multi- disciplinary DFAS COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team.

Mrs. Gambill delivers highly skilled survey capabilities to provide valuable insights into both employee and external customer satisfaction. Her stewardship of the Lean6 business process improvement program, as well as project management and change management capabilities, produces continuous savings and efficiencies to the benefit of all customers.

Mrs. Gambill supports the DFAS FY22-26 Strategy as the Outcome Leader for the Mature Digital Workplace and Grow Mission-Integrated Diversity. She is working to shape the future hybrid work environment and evolving work culture, as well as address the change management impacts of automation on DFAS employees. She is also advancing Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to embed best practices within misson processes to the benefit of all employees.

Prior to being appointed to the Senior Executive Service, Mrs. Gambill served as the DFAS Senior Information Security Official (SISO) and oversaw Information Technology Risk Management Framework implementation, as well as IT policy, acquisitions, training, independent testing, and database technical support. She was a key leader in support of DoD IT Reform initiatives.

Mrs. Gambill joined DFAS in 2003 having previously worked for the Department of Navy, Marine Corps Systems Command and Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps. She earned a master’s degree in Administration from Central Michigan University, is currently Level 3 certified in Financial Management, and is a member of the DoD Acquisition Corps.
Page updated September 12, 2023