Travel Voucher Payment Status Tool

Defense Travel System (DTS) Information
Alert icon indicating important information. Defense Travel System (DTS) Users: Status of travel processed in DTS is not available using the Travel Voucher Payment Status Tool. If you would like to check the status of your voucher, visit the Defense Travel System Website.

Who Can Use This Tool?

  • An Active Duty Army member on PCS and TDY travel orders.
  • A Reservist or National Guard member on TDY travel orders.
  • A Civilian relocation (or PCS) for DoD, Navy Capital Fund, Revolving Fund, Army and Army Material Command.
  • A Civilian on TDY travel orders.
Note: This tool works with all browsers except Safari.

Login to the Travel Voucher Payment Status Tool:

Use your PIV or CAC to access the Travel Voucher Payment Status Tool. Please make sure your card is plugged into the reader.
Image of CAC/PIV click to login.


REMINDER: To receive timely updates pertaining to your account, ensure your contact information is up to date in myPay. On the personal settings page you can review and update your address, email, and phone number. If your information changes before you receive a final payment, please update your information in myPay.

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Page Updated: June 27, 2024