Your taxes and the Affordable Care Act



Form 1095-B:  Responsible individuals may retrieve a copy of Form 1095-B, Health Coverage on their myPay account, or may request a copy of Form 1095-B by submitting a request to askDFAS or mailing to the address below. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

* Use the secure online form at askDFAS.

* Mail request to:
ATTN: Customer Care Center
325 Brooks Road
Rome, NY  13441

The request must include:
​First, Middle, & Last Name
Email Address
Date of Birth
Branch of Service
Date of Retirement
Pay grade at Retirement

If your form has incorrect information, please call customer service at 1-888-332-7411, option 6, then option 1.  For all other general questions, please call 1-888-332-7411, option 6, then option 2. 

Form 1095-C: This tax form will be mailed to employees who have elected hard copy delivery by or before March 1, 2024.  Form 1095-C for federal civilian employees paid by DFAS and military members will be available on myPay NLT January 31.

ATTENTION: Current IRS guidelines state that IRS Forms 1095-B or 1095-C are not required to file an income tax return.

Page updated February 2, 2024