Your Role in Our Mission


Soldiers walking into a sunset At DFAS, our people drive our mission. No matter your role, the work you do impacts our customers in a very real way.


Think of this, a U.S. Army Soldier is stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. She's left her family behind; leaving them with all the responsibilities for raising a family, such as shopping for clothes, paying the rent, feeding the children, the list is endless. That Soldier, who is in harms way every second of every day, doesn’t need to be burdened with the knowledge her family is having trouble paying for the necessities because of errors in her pay.


Another scenario, the U.S. Marines are looking to enhance the amount of funding they can route to support logistical operations for their troops on the ground but need a better way to manage their current finances to make it happen. In other words, they need to find smarter ways to allocate their money to ensure those who need the resources most are getting them.


Even if you are not on the "front line" of providing operational support to our customers, you are still a vital contributor to our mission.

If DFAS employees are not able to access their systems, or if DFAS is unable to identify and recruit high quality talent, it impacts the effectiveness of DFAS services and serves as a barrier to fulfilling the DFAS mission.


All DFAS employees must make everyday count and strive for excellence in all they do to ensure DFAS lives up to its vision: "To be a recognized leader in DoD's financial management by consistently delivering first-class service and products".


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