Getting into myPay after you separate

As you prepare to leave service, it’s important to update to your myPay and payroll accounts so you can easily access your pay and tax information without your Common Access Card (CAC). You’ll have access to your myPay account for 13 months after you leave service. Take the following steps 30 days before you separate and try to log on to your account on a personal device.

1. Update your ‘Email Address

  • Select ‘Email Address’ on the main screen
  • Under ‘Personal Email Address,’ enter and then re-enter your personal email address
  • Select ‘Accept/Submit’ to save the change.

2. Update your mailing address. Active duty Army and Navy members - contact your personnel or finance office to make changes in your correspondence address.

  • Select ‘Correspondence Address’ on the main menu
  • Enter and save your new correspondence address
  • Address changes will take 3-7 days to become effective.

3. Update your ‘Security Questions for Passwords Resets’.

  • Select ‘Security Questions for Passwords Resets’
  • Your questions and answers will be used if you need a new myPay Password

4. Review your ‘Personal Settings Page’ for accuracy and outdated information.

  • Select ‘Personal Settings Page’. Remember, you won’t have your CAC card after you separate so establish or update your passwords now. That’s how you’ll access your account after you leave service.

5. Save/print a copy of your myPay W2s within 13 months of separation.