Affordable Care Act Tax Information FAQs

Is the Department of Defense going to send me a healthcare-related IRS tax form to go with my 2014 federal tax forms?

No.  The Department isn’t sending out 2014 Affordable Care Act-related tax forms.  You are to self-report, on your 1040 tax form, the months you, your family members, or both had minimum essential coverage. 

For each month in 2014 you don’t have coverage, you may have to make a payment with your federal taxes. For more information, visit

Note: The Department of the Treasury delayed reporting by employers and healthcare plans of IRS tax forms until tax year 2015.  In  2015, DFAS, Coast Guard, and Public Health Service will provide required IRS tax forms to Uniformed Service members, Retirees, Annuitants and former spouses, and all others showing as having TRICARE coverage during tax year 2015. 

How do I get my Affordable Care Act (ACA)-related IRS tax form?

In tax year 2014, you won’t get one and don’t need a form; you self-report on your 1040.      

For tax year 2015, Uniformed Service Members, Retirees and Annuitants are strongly encouraged to “opt in” to receive their IRS Form via myPay. This feature will be available in myPay not later than June 2015.  myPay is the quickest and most secure means of receiving your form. 

Former spouses not paid via DFAS and those who do not Opt-in to receive electronic delivery will receive their IRS Tax Form in the mail.

Coast Guard, Public Health Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency will mail uniformed service members their ACA-related IRS tax forms.  

Does the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act affect me as a Uniformed Service member or TRICARE beneficiary?

Yes.  Starting in 2014, all individuals are required to have minimum essential coverage, which includes all Uniformed Service members (active duty, retired, Selected Reserve, or Retired Reserve) and their eligible family members.    For more information on TRICARE’s minimum essential coverage, visit

QUESTION:  The Affordable Care Act says I have to have “minimum essential coverage (MEC).”  What does this mean?  As a TRICARE beneficiary, do I have “MEC” with TRICARE?

ANSWER: You can find out more about the Affordable Care Act and minimum essential coverage at or search the TRICARE FAQs at - use ACA as your keyword search.