Renewal Agreement Travel FAQs

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Renewal Agreement Travel Frequently Asked Questions

You are eligible to receive an allowance for overseas tour renewal travel if:
(a) You are on an overseas assignment, and you have completed your tour of duty and satisfactorily completed your service agreement time period; and
(b) You are on an overseas assignment and you have signed a new service agreement to remain at your overseas post or to transfer to another overseas post of duty; or
(c) You meet the requirements and are eligible for tour renewal travel from Alaska or Hawaii

If you travel to another overseas location (instead of the U.S.), you will be reimbursed only if your actual residence is within that country in which you are taking your leave, and then you will only be reimbursed your authorized travel and transportation expenses. You will have to pay any expense(s) above your authorized amount.

No, you are not required to spend time at your actual place of residence to receive reimbursement if you travel to another place in the U.S. (other than your actual place of residence).

You might be eligible for reimbursement if the following conditions apply:

(a) If you are stationed in a foreign area or in an area other than Alaska or Hawaii, your agency may reimburse you for one overseas tour renewal trip for each time you complete your service agreement, which is related to your post of duty.
(b) For recruiting and retention purposes of consecutive tours served within Alaska and Hawaii, your agency may reimburse you a maximum of two round trips which must begin within 5 years after the date of your first tour.