POV Shipment FAQs

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POV Shipment FAQs

To reduce the Government's overall relocation costs by allowing transportation of a POV to your official station within CONUS when it is advantageous and cost effective to the Government, and to improve our overall effectiveness if you are transferred or otherwise reassigned to a post of duty at which it is in the interest of the Government for you to have use of a POV for personal transportation.

Only a passenger automobile, station wagon, light truck, or other similar vehicle that will be used primarily for personal transportation may be authorized to transport, and if necessary store under emergency circumstances. You may not transport or store a trailer, airplane, or any vehicle intended for commercial use.

You will be reimbursed the transportation costs you actually incur, not to exceed what it would have cost to transport your POV from your authorized origin to the authorized destination.

Yes, if conditions change at your post of duty such that use of your POV no longer is in the interest of the Government, or if you separate from Government service prior to completion of your service agreement for reasons beyond your control and acceptable to your agency, your agency may authorize return transportation to your authorized destination. When the return transportation is based on changed conditions, you are still required to complete your service agreement. If you do not, you will be required to repay the transportation costs.