En Route Travel FAQs

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En Route Travel FAQs

Yes, per diem for your immediate family members cannot be authorized if you are:
(a) A new appointee;
(b) Assigned to posts of duty outside CONUS returning to place of actual residence for separation; or
(c) Being relocated under the Government Employees Training Act (5 U.S.C. 4109).

No; for per diem purposes, you and your spouse are considered to be traveling together if you travel on the same days along the same general route by using more than one POV.

Per Diem allowance is reimbursed based on the lesser of the result of:

Allowing one day of travel time for each 350 miles of official distance between the old and new PDS or authorized points.  If the access is 51 miles or more after dividing the total number of miles by 350, one additional day of travel is allowed.  When the total official distance is 400 miles or less, one day's travel time is allowed.