Text updates available for travel voucher status

DFAS HEADQUARTERS, December 11, 2019 – Travel pay customers serviced by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service can now receive their travel voucher status updates via text messages.

Text message updates are available to travelers submitting vouchers outside the Defense Travel System for advance payments, temporary duty, temporary change of station and permanent change of station. This service is offered to Army active duty and reserve members, as well as civilian employees from Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and select defense agencies.

Eligible customers submitting vouchers via the Travel Voucher Direct application (https://go.usa.gov/xVfgM) link on the DFAS website will be able to opt-in during the voucher submission process. The link is under the Military Members and the Civilian Employee sections of www.dfas.mil.

The text messages allow customers to know the status of their vouchers throughout the process. Status updates are provided when the vouchers are received, logged, examined, approved, paid, and if necessary, returned.

Once customers click to the desired voucher category, they select to opt-in to text alerts and enter their mobile phone number. After customers submit their vouchers via Travel Voucher Direct, they will begin receiving status updates throughout the process.

“This idea came to us internally through our suggestion program,” said Dain Rasmussen, DFAS Rome Travel Pay Operations director. “We evaluated the idea, implemented and tested with a pool of customers and then rolled it out to all our travel pay customers this fall.”

According to Rasmussen, some of the early users of the text messaging are enthusiastic about the option.

Travelers should contact their order issuing area if unsure whether DFAS is their servicing partner.

Page updated December 11, 2019