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Service Member Overview

If you are interested in a tour, you should have a good resume and military biography that highlights your skills and abilities. Just like applying for a job in the civilian world, our DoD customers are looking for the right person with the skills they need to help accomplish their mission. You can be selected based on your civilian skills, so be sure to include those in your resume. Likewise, our positions are not limited by grade or occupational specialty. So if you are an E5 and have the skills the job calls for, but the position says E6-E7, go ahead and apply.

How It Works

  1. Browse currently available tours and apply to all those for which you are qualified. Send your resume and military biography to PFI for review.
  2. Applications are sent to and reviewed by the requesting defense agency.
  3. The requesting agency selects the most qualified candidate.
  4. PFI then notifies you of your selection. Once you accept the position, we process the request for your active duty orders.
  5. Once orders are cut, you report for duty and get to work!.
Page updated December 15, 2020