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Defense Agency Overview

Agencies with the right type of funds can reimburse the services for the use of military manpower. PFI is the link that enables agencies to find the right candidate, facilitate the active duty orders, and coordinate reimbursement through the service budget offices via a MIPR, 7600b, or other appropriate funding document. PFI can match a service member's military or civilian skills against requirements. Reserve and National Guard service members often possess extensive military and civilian expertise they can immediately put to work for you.

Why It Works

Defense agency customers can use this expertise to meet critical requirements, short term needs, or complete special projects in a multitude of areas. Positions are filled based on civilian or military experience and are not rank or military occupational specialty specific. You are in control of the selection, duration of orders, skills, grade, and budget. This flexibility allows maximum ability to accomplish the mission at a great value.

How It Works

  1. Defense agencies seeking temporary workforce assistance via DFAS/PFI completes a PFI Position Order Form describing the position and its requirements.
  2. PFI advertises the position on the DFAS/PFI website to a potential candidate pool of over 800,000 qualified guard and reserve Service Members.
  3. Reserve service members submit their resumes and bios for consideration.
  4. The applications of qualified candidates are forwarded to the defense agency for review, interviewing, and selection of the most qualified candidate.
  5. The defense agency notifies PFI of the selection and provides a MIPR funding the cost of the tour.
  6. PFI processes the service member's request for orders via the appropriate service and manages the transfer of funds and billing. Upon approval of orders, the service member reports for duty at your agency and helps accomplish your mission.
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