DoD Budget Execution & Accounting Reports

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DoD Budget Execution and Accounting Reports

The DoD Budget Execution and Accounting Reports are available on the Intelink Web Portal Inteldocs document management collaboration tool.  An active Intelink account is required to view the reports.  Intelink is accessible with a valid PKI Certificate (i.e. DoD CAC or FED PIV).

To obtain an Intelink account, please visit and click the “Valid PKI Certificate (ie. DOD CAC, FED PIV)” link and follow the onscreen instructions.

After establishing an Intelink account, click the following report link to be directed to the Intelink login page, where after clicking the “Valid PKI Certificate” link, you’ll be redirected to the DOD Budget Execution and Accounting Reports.

DOD Budget Execution and Accounting Reports available at the Intelink Web Portal's Inteldocs document management collaboration tool:

  • AR(M) 1002 Appropriation Status by FY Program and Subaccounts
  • AR(M) 725 Report on Reimbursements
  • SF 133 Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources – Revised

Page updated November 7, 2014.