1.  List your work experiences in chronological order.  Start with your current or most recent employment and describe duties, responsibilities and experiences that are particularly relevant to the job that you are seeking. Job descriptions, performance evaluations and specific work products are useful resources to prepare brief but complete statements. Do not copy/paste information since it creates the appearance that you are simply restating what the job you are applying for requires. Some work experiences may not be relevant to the job you are applying for.  In those cases, only brief statements of that period of work are necessary. The ideal length of a federal resume is 1-3 pages.

Ensure you include:

 •  Your name, (at the top of the page) employer name, address (country, city/town, state)
 •  Job title, series and grades (if applicable). Include your start date and end date (if no longer in that position) in a MM/DD/YYYY format
 •  Salary and average hours worked per week for each position held

2. Write the resume as though it is being submitting for review by someone who has no technical understanding of the specific kind of work. When finished writing a paragraph, it is helpful to stop and ask the following questions:

 •  Would a third party not familiar with the occupational background understand this kind of work?
 •  Is there any nonessential information included?
 •  Are any unique but relevant special experience of skills been omitted?
 •  Have major characteristics of occupation or background and skills most common to the occupation and/or field been included?