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DFAS Leaders In Motion

The DFAS Leaders in Motion Program is a 2-year training program designed to develop entry-level employees for advancement to the journey-level in professional, administrative, and technological career fields. The LIM Program provides training and development opportunities to build career and leadership skills.  Participants enter the Program at the GS-7 or GS-9 level and typically reach a full performance level of GS-11 upon successful completion of the program requirements.

Participants develop skills in their career field through on-the-job assignments, cross-training, a rotational assignment, and formal training (e.g. classroom, distance learning, web-based training, conferences and seminars).  They develop foundational skills in leadership, team building, project management, and process improvement.  They gain invaluable experience, broaden their understanding of end-to-end processes, and develop a network through process improvement projects, presentations to leadership and a developmental rotation.  Participants also develop professional relationships through group projects, social functions, community service activities, networking and working with a mentor.

“During my Information and Technology rotation, I was taught new functions, networked with a diverse group of folks and was afforded flexibility to implement changes to improve processes.”

                                                                                                            LIM Program Graduate

“The LIM program provided a unique opportunity to expand my horizons outside the scope of my current duties.”  

                                                                                                            LIM Program Graduate

While in the Program, participants enjoy permanent, full-time employment, competitive salaries, benefits, and career advancement.

The Leaders In Motion (LIM) program retires March of 2021.  All new participants hired after March, 18, 2019 are part of the DFAS Career Acclimation Program (DCAP).

Leaders In Motion Fact Sheet