New, Helpful Status Notifications Start this Year

We are excited to announce one of our latest improvements that will soon be available to you. Over the coming year, we are rolling out the use of status notifications to keep you in the loop as forms or documents you submit move through the retired pay or annuitant pay processing cycles.

How do status notifications work?

Status notifications are a three-step process that will update you when we receive forms or documents for processing from you by mail or fax (or in some specific cases, through AskDFAS). You will receive a separate status notifications when your form or document is:

1.       Received and queued in our work system
2.       Assigned to be worked
3.       Completed - Either a notification the processing is complete or a notification that we are sending you a request for additional information.

What is the benefit of a status notification?

The implementation of these status notifications will give you peace of mind that we received your form or request. Status notifications will also provide you with the timeframe when we completed your request or notify you if additional information is required. If we do need additional information, you will know to watch for mail from DFAS, with specific information about what is needed to complete your request.

What you need to do to receive status notifications 

To be eligible to receive these status notifications, please ensure your email address is available and updated in myPay. You will receive the notification via SmartDoc email, so you must have a valid email address in myPay. To add or ensure your email address is up-to-date, please visit

When will status notifications begin?

The first rollout of status notifications include submissions related to the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), Direct Deposit Form-SF 1199, and change of address requests, followed by requests related to federal or state (for retirees) tax changes and the designation of beneficiary for the Arrears of Pay (AOP).


Page updated March 17, 2021