News from Our Partners:  Air Force Assistance Fund Charities Combat COVID-19


Many Airmen across the Air Force family (active, guard, reserve, retired, and surviving spouses of retirees) have been impacted by this health crisis.
Spouses have lost jobs and their eligibility for child care. The family income is now cut in half and expenses have risen.
The stop-movement order for Airmen PCSing has had long-reaching effects. Family members have moved on ahead of the Airman, while the Airman is unable to join them, rendering them responsible to operate two households. That means more expenses, separation during a pandemic, and potential child care issues. 
Widows of our retirees are in the age bracket that’s at greatest risk. So much needs to be done to help protect them against even contracting the coronavirus.
If you are, or know of a fellow Airmen in one of these situations, you can rely on the assistance given by the four official and affiliate charities of the Air Force. Visit to see how they can help, and how you can get in contact with them.
Our Air Force Charities have been responding to the effects this virus is having on our Air Force family in an all-out attempt to support their fellow Airmen and their families in any way possible.

The Gen & Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation has provided a “One Time Relief Grant” to each of their widows. The Executive Director and COO said that they realize our retirees will need additional funds to offset the costs of home deliveries of groceries and medical prescription needs. Ms. Mildred shares her gratitude for receiving her grant:

“At a time like this I can’t go out to buy groceries, and having to rely on others and the increase of food...It has really hit hard on me and my sick daughter in the hospital…and not being able to see her. This money will be helpful to me. It is truly a blessing.”
Ms. Mildred - Clemmons, NC

Without our help during this time it would be difficult for surviving spouses like Ms. Mildred to continue in this new reality. Your future donations are counted-on, especially by our Air Force spouses. Together we can continue to provide the assistance they deserve.
Air Force Enlisted Village, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides senior living services for Air Force surviving spouses, is doing everything possible to protect residents who are most vulnerable to coronavirus/COVID-19 due to their ages. Cleaning and disinfecting processes have increased, and extra staff have been hired to screen people entering the campus and to shop for groceries for residents.

Fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed and will create a negative impact on critical funds that the Air Force Enlisted Village counts on each year. Now more than ever, Air Force Enlisted Village needs financial support through the Air Force Assistance Fund campaign.
Since its inception, the Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation (AFVCF) has supported widowed spouses of Air Force heroes during their most vulnerable years: retirement. One such woman residing within the walls of Blue Skies of Texas was a WASP who flew planes with a target in tow for soldiers to do target practice during WWII. She and her husband were both Airmen, and her courage and stamina have contributed to her longevity. Due to rising healthcare costs, she and others like her now need our assistance to receive the care they need. 
In the age of COVID-19, she and other Airmen and their spouses continue to choose to live at Blue Skies of Texas due to its top-rated continuum of healthcare and outstanding crisis preparedness. Those in Blue Skies’ care have peace of mind as the team protects them via the delivery of prescriptions, meals and necessary items, all straight to their doors. BST staff is held to the highest virus-safety standards both on and off our campuses, and each is temperature-checked daily. All residents and staff are tested for COVID-19 at the hint of exposure, and each is quarantined until results are finalized. 
The Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation has had the privilege of providing safety measures by purchasing 3,000 antimicrobial masks for all staff and residents, roughly two per person. With the added purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the healthcare staff and a repurposed COVID-19 wing in a Skilled Nursing Facility to care for residents with the virus, Blue Skies of Texas is fulfilling their promise to you and those they serve to “Take Care of Our Own.” Your gift to AFAF will help us continue to fight the good fight against this unseen enemy.
The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is well-known to many Airmen for providing emergency financial assistance, education support and community programs to Air Force families. This family includes Active Duty, Guardsmen and Reservists, Retirees, Widows/Widowers.
AFAS has stepped in to assist many Air Force families who are facing financial challenges because of COVID-19. Many Airmen have found themselves in tough situations because spouses have lost their jobs or they received PCS orders and, because of stop movement orders, the rest of the family hasn’t been able to relocate with them. In some instances, the entire family (both the Airman and spouse) are still in limbo awaiting the PCS move and staying in temporary housing after shipping all of their items to their next duty station.
During this difficult time, AFAS pledges are so important to ensure that our Airmen aren’t facing these stressful situations alone. Your gift to the AFAF Campaign will help us continue to be there when Air Force families need us even during a pandemic like the one we’re facing now.
Giving is easier than ever:
Donate online at (click the donate button). There, you can use the e-Giving platform on the left side of the page (credit/debit card or e-check); or you can download and print the donation form on the right side of the page. With the donation form, you can choose to give by allotment from your retired pay, or by sending a check (*please don’t send cash in the mail) to:

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