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Simplifying the Retiree Report of Existence (ROE)

There are several situations in which retirees are required to verify their eligibility to receive ongoing monthly payments.

As we did with annuitants earlier this year, we are working to simplify the process of verifying continued eligibility for retirees. The newest change reduces the number of retirees who need to submit a Report of Existence (ROE).

Report of Existence for Retirees

If you receive a paper check to a foreign address you are required to verify twice each year that you are not deceased, using the Report of Existence. This is now the only situation in which an ROE is required.

There is no longer a requirement for legal representatives of incapacitated retirees to submit ROEs (unless the incapacitated retiree is receiving a paper check to a foreign address).

A first ROE is mailed six months after your birthday. The completed, signed ROE should be returned by the first day of the ninth month after your  birthday.

A second ROE is mailed approximately 60 days prior to your birthday. The completed, signed ROE should be returned by the first day of the month in which your birthday occurs.

Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for Retirees

If we receive information that a retiree has died, retired pay is suspended. If the information is incorrect, the retiree must submit a notarized Certificate of Eligibility to re-establish their retired pay.

Retired pay is also suspended if payments sent to your account are returned. If payment is suspended, you must provide a valid payment address via a direct deposit form. If we do not receive the deposit information within 90 days of suspension, you must also provide a notarized COE in order to have your pay restarted.

Page updated: Dec 15, 2021