DFAS Stands up Data Analytics Center of Excellence
By Steve Lawson, Corporate Communications
DFAS HEADQUARTERS July 21, 2020 – As a financial provider, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service has access to an extraordinary amount of Agency and Department of Defense financial and non-financial data.
Leveraging and growing enhanced data analytics capabilities is a DFAS strategic initiative. The initiative goal is to turn business data into business insight, facilitating more informed decisions and driving efficiencies for the Agency.
A milestone in the Data Analytics journey was recently reached when the agency stood up a Data Analytics Center of Excellence (DACoE). The DACoE is the latest step in making data analytics a part of everyday business operations at DFAS.
Priority focuses for the DACoE include helping refine and improve data management practices, establishing a governance structure, optimizing existing data analytics training, and providing insight and value to the agency through applied analytics capabilities.
“By standing up the DACoE, we are defining the role of data analytics within DFAS, our areas of responsibility, and our portfolio of analytics capabilities," said Elizabeth Gibbs, Director of the DACoE.
DFAS recently completed hiring actions for data scientists and data engineers. These employees report directly to the DACoE and provide advanced analytics assistance to high visibility/high impact projects for the Agency. The DACoE may also help sponsoring organizations find DFAS resources who have the right system accesses, training, and technology skillsets.
"“We will focus on assigning data analytics experts to projects as quickly as we can to begin taking advantage of those skill sets," Gibbs stated." For project teams that need to brush up on their data analysis skills, we can provide resources like standardized materials for how to run a data analytics project and perform the steps within the data analysis process.”
The addition of the DACoE, training courses and general awareness, are designed to help data analytics become an integral part of DFAS culture to provide tangible benefits for the agency and our customers.