DEAMS Miscellaneous Payments

Miscellaneous payments 

A miscellaneous payment is a valid obligation of the government:

• Payment per special authoritative arrangements other than a formal contracting arrangement, such as special acts through legislative and executive orders.

• Payments and funding made by other federal agencies under special authority that necessitates special billing/reimbursement conditions.

• Payments for non-recurring, non-contractual purchases.

• Payments authorized under formal contracting arrangements that necessitate subsequent funding arrangements (i.e. lease agreements & settlement agreements).

DoD 7000.14-R FMR Vol 10 Contract Pay Ch 12 - Miscellaneous Pay


Did you know? 


When miscellaneous pay is not appropriate: 

• On government-to-government transactions that should be processed through the intergovernmental Payment and Collection System (IAPC) process

• Obtaining good and/or services from non-government purposes


Common errors causing payment delays: 

• Incorrect obligation/invoice document type used

• Use of incorrect or invalid Misc. Pay Code in the Entitlement SDN

• Insufficient funds in commitment/obligation

• Vendor not registered or registration expired in System for Award Management (SAM)

• Valid Notice of Assignments (NOA) not submitted timely


Get paid faster: 

No more waiting for your check payments by mail. By registering in SAM, DFAS can pay you by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Use the below link to register in SAM.


Payment Process Overview 

1. Base personnel commit funds into Defense Enterprise Accounting & Management System (DEAMS) through iProcurement

2. Vendor provides goods/services

3. Vendor submits an invoice to the Base

4. Base personnel receives and accepts the goods/services, then prepares the documentation to submit to DFAS

5. DFAS reviews the submitted documentation, obligates the Purchase Order, and processes the payment into DEAMS

6. Invoices and Receiving Reports are reviewed by a certifying official for a three-way match, due dates, and interest penalties

7. Payment file is sent to disbursing

8. Disbursing sends Electronic Funds Transfer

(EFT) or check payment to the Vendor



Acceptance is typically the same date as receipt or within 7 days of the received date, but never earlier than the received date.


DOD Miscellaneous Pay Guide 



Common miscellaneous pay types include: 

Non Federal 

• Utility payments
• Honorariums
• Legal claims
• Attorney fees
• Pre-paid postage
• Leases


• Morale, welfare and general entertainment

Employee Reimbursements 

• Civilian clothing allowance
• Legal claims
• BAR Fees
• Awards for suggestions


Vendor Pay Mords vs. Funding Mords: 

Did you know there are two types of Mords for Miscellaneous payments?

Vendor Pay Mords: This type of Mord can only be used to pay one vendor for recurring payments. Payment types are limited to: Communications, Utilities, and FOMAs.

Funding Mords: This type of Mord funds single  payments and can be used to pay multiple vendors.  Funding Mords may be used for any type of  Miscellaneous payment. Base Personnel assigns an 18 digit Entitlement Standard Document Number (SDN); also referred to as the Purchase Order Number.


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