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How to Write a Simple and Effective Resume

A clear and accurate presentation of your work history ensures that recruiters and hiring managers recognize the full value of your work experiences. Do not assume that they know what you do.  Your statements represent the content necessary to validate the proficiency levels you claimed on the assessment questionnaire.  For example, if you have claimed a high level of expertise in the assessment questionnaire, be sure that expertise is well-described in your work experiences and accomplishments.  Read the vacancy announcement carefully. Focus on the “requirements” or “qualifications” of the position and the directly related credentials you possess. In your resume, you must describe how your work experiences are comparable to the requirements listed on the announcement (e.g. specialized experience, critical competencies) etc.

Resume preparation suggestions found in this guide have been formulated by the DFAS Human Resources staff on experience gained in reviewing numerous of electronic and hard copy resume submissions and from Hiring Managers feedback based on the quality of resumes received. Read and study this information carefully (perhaps several times) prior to developing a resume, and incorporate these "lessons learned."

Remember, there will be a direct correlation between the level of effort invested in developing a résumé and its effectiveness in accurately portraying skills necessary for a position. Use the guidance below to prepare a high quality résumé.

DFAS Resume Samples

An efficient way to learn how to write a simple and effective resume is to study resume examples. As you view the samples, notice that each main section includes a summary of the information that a good resume should include. You can create your resume using the USAJOBS resume builder, Microsoft Word or similar software.  Select links below to view resume samples of a fictitious person, “Kate Wright” in these different formats.

View a sample resume created in Microsoft Word
View a sample resume created in USA Jobs Resume Builder


Top 5 Resume FAQs

1. Why is the content of my resume important?

Your resume must describe the quality of work in regards to the responses to the self-assessment questionnaire and it should be relevant to the qualifications of the position listed on the DFAS vacancy announcement.

2. How can I distinguish my resume among others?

An attractive resume won’t simply list work experiences but it should also highlight accomplishments. For each work experience that you list, you may want to add accomplishments to show your knowledge, skills and levels of expertise.

3. Are there any tips for writing accomplishments in my resume?

You may describe your accomplishments using models such as the P.A.R. (Problem, Action, and Result) or C.C.A.R (Context, Challenge, Action, Result). Look at the things you did on your current or previous jobs in terms of problems or challenges, actions and results. Include any significant skills (e.g. communication skills, leadership skills, data management skills, accounting systems skills, customer service skills) that you used.

4. What is the right format for a federal resume?

There is no “right” or “wrong” format. You can create your resume using the USAJOBS resume builder, using Microsoft Word or similar software. For resume samples please see the links above.

5. How many resumes may I upload with my application?

You are encouraged to use only one method of submitting your resume. Human Resources will review the resume that the system date stamps as the latest one received. Make sure that you are submitting the resume which best reflects your qualifications for the particular job that you are applying.

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