Professional credentials

DFAS recognizes the value of competencies gained through formal education and professional certifications. To ensure consistent credit is given for these credentials in the selection process DFAS has developed standard selection criteria used when filling positions in professional and administrative series. In addition to experience, it is important to include all education and professional certifications in a resume in the form of education, training or licenses and certifications portions to receive full credit during the selection process.

Selections for professional and administrative positions are based on four categories. The table below depicts the four criteria categories and the maximum point values for each:

Category Max Point Value
Experience 55
Education 20
Other 15
Certifications 10
Total Points 100


Explanation of the criteria:

Experience - Experience described on the applicants resume are compared to the levels of experience determined to be most valuable by the selecting official for the successful performance of the duties for a specific position. The levels of experience will be related to the major duties and the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies of the position.

Education - Degrees must be from accredited institution. The minimum creditable education level is an Associate degree or its equivalent of 60 semester hours or more in a field related to the position being filled.

Other - This category captures skills, experiences and achievements not credited under experience. Examples include training, special assignments, successful career progression, career broadening experience, work experience across organizational lines or in other agencies, experience in other occupational series, award, performance appraisals or an interview.

Certifications - Points are awarded for completed certifications identified in the Professional Credentials--Key Certifications guide (DOC 76KB - 11/24/2008). Be sure to check the primary and secondary certifications for the series of the position being applied.

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