ALERT -- myPay Phishing Season

Last month, we warned you of another phishing expedition angling for your myPay login information. Get the details here.

This month we've received reports from customers that some of them are receiving SmartDocs emails asking them to input the answers to their myPay security questions. The email addresses being used could fool some into thinking the message is coming from us. We don't ask for passwords, user IDs or any other personal info in an unsecure email. Make sure you look over emails carefully to make sure it's been sent by someone you trust. And if you're suspicious of a message you receive, call us and never open it or click on any links contained inside. PROTECT YOURSELF!

Read the official DFAS policy on email

In today’s world, protecting yourself online is almost as important as protecting yourself at home. Attempts to steal your identity, financial information and account numbers require everyone who uses email, shops online or transacts business with banks, credit card companies or other financial agencies to be aware and protect themselves.

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With millions of military, retired military and federal civilian employee customers, it’s not unusual that DFAS hears about attempts to lure individuals into revealing their personal information, including their myPay login credentials. These attempts range from enticing email messages disguised as official notices from DFAS or some other federal agency to warnings about some situation that can only be resolved with you “confirming” your profile information.

Here are some examples of email scams received by our customers:

If you’ve received emails supposedly from DFAS that you think are attempts to defraud you, call our customer service number to verify if we are attempting to contact you regarding some pay-related issue. Also, please read our policy regarding DFAS email contact with customers.

You can also learn more about scams and how to protect your computer and home network at the following websites: Updated March 7, 2014